About Us

DC Fish is owned and operated by Niall & William Deasy of Union Hall, West Cork.  The Son and Father team own the fishing vessel "M.F.V. Ocean Pioneer". The Deasy family are fourth generation fishemen & have over 50 years experience in the fishing industry.

The M.F.V. Ocean Pioneer fishes for prawns and whitefish primarily off the south west coast of Ireland. Fish caught on board M.F.V. Ocean Pioneer are frozen at sea within two hours of capture ensuring that freshness of fish is maintained.

In addition to selling fish to wholesalers we can sell fish direct to you the consumer in any size small or large, thus ensuring you have access to locally caught fresh Irish fish.


To make Irish fish products easily available to every Irish home, food business and supermarket in the country.


The benefit of fish frozen directly at sea ensures a wide range of frozen fish options and quantities suitable for portion control are available to you, the consumer.

Buy Local

A recent survey claimed that 70% of Irish fish is exported to other countries & even more bizarrely 70% of fish consumed in Ireland is imported mainly from Iceland! In recent years it has become near on impossible to purchase fresh fish in Ireland as the majority of fish on the Irish market is fish that has been either imported or fish that has been caught at sea but is frozen when it reaches the fish factory which in most cases may be 7-10 days later and then thawed when it comes to the marketplace.

Food Miles

At a time when more and more people are becoming concerned with food miles and carbon footprints.

Buying locally caught seafood ensures it reaches the consumer in the freshest condition, that transport, pollution and waste are kept to a minimum, and that local communities are being supported. Responsibly produced seafood also ensures that care has been taken to avoid wastage and to maintain the quality of the product to the point of landing or harvesting, and on to the fish retailer or restaurateur.